Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 1

One hobby that our family all enjoys is reading good books.  As the children have grown older, it has been fun for us to all read some of the same books.  Looking back over my list for the year, I was surprised to find that I read a lot more nonfiction than normal.  I guess my tastes are changing as I get older.  I think I am also more picky about what fiction I read since I have less time to read and don’t want to waste my time.   Here is my top ten.   Just like my list from last year, I have not put the list in any order and some of the books are listed as a series.  I will post the list by my DH and kids in the next few days.

My 2011 List:

1. Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst
Lysa’s book is practical and down to earth.  It was a book I could relate to and plan on reading again.  Expect to not only laugh but learn as you read her book.

2. 50 Days of Heaven: Reflections the Bring Eternity to Light by Randy Alcorn
I read this book in the spring after my dad died.  It helped me with the grieving process and made me excited about being in heaven one day.  I actually found this book free awhile back so it was nice to finally read it.

3. Daniel: Live of Integrity, Words of Prophecy by Beth Moore.
I love the book of Daniel but there has always been so much of it I did not understand.  I was in this bible study at my school this fall and enjoyed not only the applications but the history I learned.  I understand the book of Daniel much better but still have a lot more to learn.

4. Deadline by Randy Alcorn
This was a free read for the kindle.  It is a fiction book that had a great plot but also explored what heaven might be like.  The series has two more books that I have not bought or read yet but the first book can be read without reading the others.

5. The Twelfth Imam and the Tehran Initiative by Joel C. Rosenberg.
I guess these would be classified as political thrillers.  I enjoyed the books because they were well researched and helped me understand some of the things going on with Iran even though the books are fiction.  I don’t like how you are left hanging between books but they are great reads.  My DH enjoyed these books also.

6. Leadership and Self Deception by the Arbinger Institute.
Our team read this and discussed it at our family conference.  So many of our interactions with others are affected by our perceptions and theirs.  This book addresses how to deal with and overcome these perceptions.  I would recommend it as a book to read and discuss for any organization.  I am still working to apply some of the things I learned in this book.  It is not written from a Christian perspective but has many biblical applications.

7. Dominion Trilogy by Robin Parrish
This is a sci fi series that has a lot of weird twists.  I was able to download the first book free and both my DH and I read the series at the same time.

8. Over the Edge by Brandilyn Collins.
I always like reading a fiction novel about subjects that I don’t know much about.  This book is about who a woman gets affected with lyme disease.  The plot has its twists and turns trying to find out who infected her.   I also have a greater empathy after reading the book for those suffering from lyme’s disease.

9. Call of Duty Series by DiAnn Mills
These are some of those fun, quick reads that have lots of actions with some romance added in.  The first book is about a librarian who used to be in the CI.  The second is about a border agent dealing with the death of her husband.  The third is about an FBI agent who faces her past while solving a case.  Each book can stand alone.

10. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
I actually haven’t finished this book yet but plan on reading through it in January with a friend of mine.  What I have read so far has great application for any relationships not just for my marriage.

If you are interested in our list from last year, here is the link.  The whole family did end up reading the whole  Restoration four book series by Terri Blackstock which made for some good discussions.  Three of us also read Jeanette Windle’s second book called Freedom’s Stand  and enjoyed it.

I would love book suggestions from you on what your favorite reads of the year have been.