Is Anything Getting in the Way of Your Call?

Tonight we had a good bye party for my principal who is leaving this week.  As my fellow teachers crowded into our living room, we laughed, cried, remembered, and deep down some of us are still thinking why.  Before we prayed for  her and her husband, my principal offered us some wisdom and encouragement.  One thing she said stuck with me.  She asked us to not let her get in the way of our call here to this place.  You see, tomorrow our letters of intent are due.  Because of the intense recruiting and prep that needs to be done, we have an early date to say yes, no or maybe to if we will be back next year.   She reminded us that our call is between God and us.  Saying yes to here will not affect her.  Saying no will not affect her.  She encouraged us to pray and seek what God has for us.  God has a plan for her but  he also has a plan for us.

Leadership changes or actions affect us.  Whether good or bad they affect us.  Often we get side tracked by what is happening around us.  Our focus is on the earthly circumstances instead of our Heavenly Father. God may be telling me to stay or to go but that decision needs to be based on his call for me and not what is happening around me.   About 10 years ago, my husband and I were a part of church start that was going through some hard times.  Decisions were made that we weren’t sure about.  Some of our dear friends ended up leaving the church for a new church home.  We were crushed.  God was calling them to another place.  God was not calling us to another place.  It would have been easy to just leave but God wanted us to stay. The next few years were hard but those years brought growth in our faith and in our leadership abilities.   We made our own mistakes and learned from those mistakes.  Then one day God did tell us to go to another place.  This time it was God’s call and God’s timing for us.   In the same way, we wanted anyone else who was making a similar decision to do so because it was God’s call not because of our actions.  As changes are on the way, I need to be reminded to look to God before I start to get off track due to what is going on all around me.

By the way, I did turn in my letter of intent.  God willing, I will be here in this land next year ready to teach a new bunch of students all the ins and outs of Algebra.  Even with many unknowns, I said, “Yes.” It is a yes that says God can take care of all the unknowns and has a plan for our school.  Pray for my teacher friends who are still seeking a firm yes or no that they will clearly see what God has for them.

God in Heaven, Thank you for your grace.  Forgive me for the times I have made decisions based on the people and circumstances around me instead of looking to see what you want.  Each day help me to look to you and not get sidetracked from your plan for me.  Be with my principal as she starts on a new journey.  May she continue to lead and inspire others as she has me.  Thank you for the chance to get to know her.  In Your Son’s Name, Amen