10 Reasons Why I Hate Secret Santas

Just to clarify a few things before I start my list.   First the secret Santa I am talking about is when at work or another place everyone picks someone’s name and gives them secret gifts for the weeks leading up to a Christmas party.  Then at the party or right before Christmas, you let your person know you have been their secret Santa.  Some of my reasons are rational and some are not.  So here is my list.

  1. You give with the idea that you will get something.
  2. Trying to figure out what to give and how to do it stresses me out.
  3. The people who get the gift including me don’t need more stuff.
  4. If I am focusing on my secret Santa, I could miss an opportunity to bless someone who needs it more.
  5. I don’t really like the name.  I am more of nativity, snowman, gingerbread kind of Christmas girl.  
  6. I am wondering what purpose it serves.
  7. I would rather give joyfully just because and as a surprise with no expectations of something in return than because I feel I have to.
  8. I always get Secret Santas who don’t do anything which leads to #9
  9. I start feeling insecure (crazy I know) when I don’t get anything.  
  10. Then I feel bad when I find out that my Secret Santa was having a tough time and did not even need to be thinking about being my Secret Santa.  Last year, my secret Santa was going through his first Christmas without his son.  I should have been doing things for him not the other way around.

So next year, I think I will quietly boycott Secret Santas but hopefully not boycott the spirit of giving and looking for opportunities to bless those God puts in my path.

Note: The teachers had their Christmas party last night.  My person felt blessed which made it worth the extra effort.   I guess someone had two secret Santas and I had none.  In God’s goodness, I am thinking the person who had two needed two and I had a few insecurity lessons to learn.  On a bright note, I did end up with some chocolate chips which are a rare commodity where I live.  Just in case you are wondering I am still boycotting Secret Santas next year.

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      I always have mixed feelings about doing secret santas also, including the same irrational reasons you listed! Our ladies Bible study did "secret sisters" last year, but before we began everyone filled out a survey that covered everything from favorite color to current prayer needs, which helped us get to know each other better because we all read everyone else's survey. It helped us have ideas of small ways we could bless our assigned sister and pray for her.

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      I totally agree with you! Who has time and energy for days and days of gift-planning, buying, preparing, etc.?!
      I am so glad you got chocolate chips! You can't prepare properly for Christmas without them!
      Love and miss you, friend!

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