Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 3

Here are Big D’s and W’s lists. Big D’s List 1.  Inheritance(last book of the Eragon Series) by Christopher Paolini . 2. Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowlings . I know these books have been around awhile and to tell the truth we put off reading them due to differing opinions about them.  Big D’s teacher this year had the books and so after […]

Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 1

One hobby that our family all enjoys is reading good books.  As the children have grown older, it has been fun for us to all read some of the same books.  Looking back over my list for the year, I was surprised to find that I read a lot more nonfiction than normal.  I guess my tastes are changing as […]

A Prayer Like Daniel and Ezra

This fall I had the privilege of studying Ezra and Daniel with two different groups of ladies.  In God’s timing on the same week, we read the prayers of repentance that both Ezra and Daniel prayed for their people the Israelites.   One prayer was prayed in Jerusalem and the other in Babylon.  One was after the exile and the […]

Knowing Where You Stand

In the last few years,  I have been in new situations where I wasn’t quite sure where I stood.  Our family moved to Central Asia and joined a new team and then a few months later I started working at a new school.   As you meet and get acquainted with your fellow workers,  you try to be yourself and […]

Lessons from my Stove

Our stove was less than a year old when the electric starter went out.  For a girl who doesn’t like matches, I had a few words to say to my stove but I eventually adapted.   Then my neighbor, who bought the same stove at the same time as I did, started having trouble with her oven door opening.   […]

10 Reasons Why I Hate Secret Santas

Just to clarify a few things before I start my list.   First the secret Santa I am talking about is when at work or another place everyone picks someone’s name and gives them secret gifts for the weeks leading up to a Christmas party.  Then at the party or right before Christmas, you let your person know you have […]

What Do You Think About Change?

What do you think about change?  To me, it depends on where the change is taking place.  I like change when it comes to my clothes, hair or maybe in my menus.  I even don’t mind change at appropriate times such as at the beginning of the New Year, school year or a new season of life.  But right now […]

Is Anything Getting in the Way of Your Call?

Tonight we had a good bye party for my principal who is leaving this week.  As my fellow teachers crowded into our living room, we laughed, cried, remembered, and deep down some of us are still thinking why.  Before we prayed for  her and her husband, my principal offered us some wisdom and encouragement.  One thing she said stuck with […]