The View

Life looks very different depending on how we view it and where our point of view comes from.  Take Peter for example.  In Matthew 16, in one section he declares Jesus is the Son of God and in the next he tries to convince Jesus that he really is not going to die.   In the first interchange, Jesus tells Peter this could only be revealed to him by God.  In the second interchange, Jesus calls Peter, Satan and that he is “seeing things merely from a human point of view, not God’s.”(Matt 16:23b)  Daily I feel like Peter.  One moment I get it right and the next I am way off track.  One moment I am focusing on myself and how this affects me and the next moment on others and what would God have me do.  It is a challenge that I face daily as I am a mom, wife, teacher and friend.  For me, prayer changes my viewpoint.  It helps me have a high view of God and proper perspective of myself.  This week Paul Tripp is continuing his posts on prayer and he says it much better than me.  Here are the links for post 4 and post 5.  When I am not consistent in prayer, I am most likely not seeing things from the right point of view.

Dear God, Daily may we seek your grace and wisdom.  This day may I see things from your point of view.  May I do the things that you would have me do.  May I hear your voice and obey without question. In Your Son’s Name, Amen

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