Stuck Like Glue

Last week I had a free MP3 download from Amazon burning a hole in my pocket.  Thinking it would be fun to add another country song to my playlist, I went through the top country songs right and came across the song, “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland.   Of course, it is now being played in our house frequently.   The song talks about a couple that has been married for a while.  People thought they wouldn’t make it as a couple or maybe they had some rough times but then something happened and the spark was renewed.   They were made for each other.  They were stuck like glue.  Of course a country song would have the you and me baby part added to it.

The song reminds me of one of the concepts I am learning about in a book called, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  The concept is a sacred history.   It is preserving when times are hard or boring.  It is honoring the vows we made before God.  It is what God has with Israel and how he has stayed with His people through all their ups and downs.  In his book, Gary Thomas says, 
Building a sacred history together teaches us to be persistent in doing good even when we want to do something else.  The commitment to perseverance teaches us the basic Christian discipline of self-denial.  As part of this, we must reject “self seeking” behavior and instead think about the future, a future that points to the next.” (p. 113)
God is using our husband or wife to build our character and grow us in our walk with Him.  God is glorified in our perseverance.  
I am thankful for a husband who is dedicated to our sacred history.  I guess you could say we are “stuck like glue.”

Dear God, Thank you for your faithfulness to your people Israel and to us.  How when we draw away, you stay near.  You don’t give up.  May I love my husband and honor him in a way that glorifies you.  Thank you for our sacred history so far.   In Jesus name, Amen

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