Making Thanksgiving an Everyday Thing

Making Thanksgiving an Everyday Thing

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I would not always say I am the most positive person when it comes to life but I am learning more and more that thankfulness is an act of worship.  It is a way of declaring my trust in a good God even when things around us are falling apart.  Back in August,  I wrote about a book called 1000 gifts and started my own list of gifts.   I am not consistent in adding to it everyday but am currently at #346.   It is ironic that on this week of Thanksgiving, I was challenged in finding the gifts in my life.  Not because they were not there but because I had my focus in the wrong place.  I am finding as I put pen to paper, my heart soon follows my mind in giving thanks to the Giver of all things.

Here are some of items from my list.
324)Neighbor kids for Big D to play with.
325) God is the ultimate judge of all things
326) Skype chats with my sister and a friend

336)God’s perfect peace in the midst of a crazy world.
337) A warm room because of a sweet husband lighting the bukhari at 5:00 in the morning.

344)Drinking Russian tea with my daughter.
345) Just enough time to do what needs to be done on this day.
346) Eating Thanksgiving dinner with our team in a foreign land.

Thank you God for all things both in heaven and on earth, both small and great.  Amen

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      In the same way putting pen to paper works for you, I have found that singing or listening to praise music stirs up thankfulness within me. Being thankful regardless of the apparent circumstances is sometimes hard, but always worth the effort.

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