Favorite Links-November 2011

When I have a few minutes to spare, I love reading other peoples blog and have about 10 that I follow regularly.  I guess it is kind of like reading a magazine for me since the blogs range from crafts to parenting tips to devotional thoughts to politics.  Here are some of the posts I enjoyed this month. Lysa Terkeurst […]

Quotes-November 2011

As the next two weeks seem to be nonstop for our family, I am longing for a day to just read and write.  Until then here are some bits and pieces that have caught my attention this month. From Ann Voscamp at The Holy Experience on her blog titled “When You Desperately Want God to Hear Your Prayers” on November 3, […]

Making Thanksgiving an Everyday Thing

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I would not always say I am the most positive person when it comes to life but I am learning more and more that thankfulness is an act of worship.  It is a way of declaring my trust in a good God even when things around us are falling apart.  Back in August,  I […]

Lessons from my Coke Glass

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were in Atlanta, GA for a conference.  One morning before the conference started, we went on a tour of the Coke Museum.  As a gift for our children, we purchased 4 coke glasses.  The fun thing about these glasses is that you are able to hold cold or hot beverages.  Six […]

Stuck Like Glue

Last week I had a free MP3 download from Amazon burning a hole in my pocket.  Thinking it would be fun to add another country song to my playlist, I went through the top country songs right and came across the song, “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland.   Of course, it is now being played in our house frequently.   […]

Tears Tonight

I was hit by a bombshell tonight.   Even though I live in a land where bombshells are more real, I am talking about the emotional kind.  I found out that a good friend will be leaving earlier than expected and not necessarily like she planned.  As she told of her plans, my eyes filled with tears for me and […]

What Anger Does Not Do.

This past month I have been dealing with anger in my life.  I want to respond calmly and rationally and instead I react.  I need to listen and instead I speak words I can’t take back.   I feel like I have more failures than successes.  As I was reading James this past week, I was reminded of how counterproductive […]

The View

Life looks very different depending on how we view it and where our point of view comes from.  Take Peter for example.  In Matthew 16, in one section he declares Jesus is the Son of God and in the next he tries to convince Jesus that he really is not going to die.   In the first interchange, Jesus tells […]