Too Busy Talking

Today I blew up at my 7th period class.  I do not like to admit this since this year was to be the year of responding instead of reacting.  It looks like I have some work to do on that but that is not what this post is going to be about.  What caused me to react?  I had important information to share with my students before their test tomorrow.  Instead of listening, they were talking to their neighbor and then asking questions that I had already answered.  It seems I care more about how they will do on their test tomorrow then they do.   At least until tomorrow comes.

Sadly, I can be like my students.  God has important information for me about life and I often miss out.  Instead of being still and listening, I am busy talking to God without waiting for him to answer back.  Or I am asking those around me what they think about a situation and getting their advice.  I miss out on the best God has for me by not listening to what He has to say.  So today I think I will sit awhile and listen.  Hopefully I will also get some wisdom on how to handle the 23 students in my Algebra I class.

Dear God,  I guess there is a reason you gave us two ears and one mouth.  Help me to do a better job of listening not only to you but also to those around me.  In Jesus this is possible, Amen