Prayer and Paul Tripp link

This summer I wanted to buy one of Paul Tripp’s books on raising teenagers but it wasn’t on the kindle and I had no room left in my suitcase for another thing.  So I found his blog which has been a fun find.  This month Paul Tripp had three different blogs on prayer that reminded me that I am not yet a woman of prayer but would like to be. He spoke words of truth that I needed to here.   In his first post, Paul says,

Prayer awakens you from your sleep and calls you to pay attention again.  Prayer is about affirming weaknesses and blessings.  Prayer is about getting your identity and God’s glory right.  Prayer confronts you with what is and preaches to you about what is important.  Prayer is a very important part of a lifestyle of paying attention.”
Here are the links to the posts.  Part One.  Part Two.  Part Three.

Dear God, May each day begin and end with you.  In the Lord’s prayer, we pray for our daily bread because daily we need to be on our knees knowing that all things come from you and on you we are utterly dependent.  May you be glorified and your kingdom come through the prayers of your people. Amen
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