Lessons from Maya-Take Two

Okay it may seem a little silly that I am learning things from an animated exercise coach named Maya.  In fact this will be my second post about her.  I just read the other post on Maya and it had some great reminders for me and my lack of patience this week with my students and own children.

What is today’s lesson from Maya?  It is all about perspective.  Before each workout, Maya gives me three choices to choose from.  These choices will determine how tough my workout is.  They are “Nothing can stop me”, “Not too bad”, and “You are lucky I’m here.”   Don’t you wish we had a button to push each day and what we chose would determine how easy our day was?   My usual response is “Not too bad” because a girl doesn’t want to be too cocky.  I am finding  though that the more consistent I am with exercising, the more likely I am to choose “Nothing can stop me.”  I am also finding that those workouts seem to be the most fun since they have more variety and at the end you feel like you had a good workout.  Our time with God can be compared to working out.  The more consistent we have been in spending time with God the more likely we are to say to the world, “Nothing can stop me” because we are living the fact that God is with us.  When I neglect my time with God, I am likely to feel like the last choice, “You are lucky I’m here” when actually people might be thinking they are not so lucky I am here. I would have said last week, “Nothing can stop me” but this week I am somewhere between “Not too bad” and You’re lucky I’m here.”   Things are looking up though since time with God is time well spent.  Even though the rest of this week looks to be busy and stressful, I am hoping to say, “Nothing can stop me because God is with me.” Remembering that He that is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

Father in heaven, Thank you that you take us where we are and take us to where we need to be.  You are patient and kind and loving.  Help us to remember that nothing can stop us when you are with us.  May we live as a people redeemed by Your Son.  Amen

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      Yes,I wish we had a button like that for our day! 🙂
      Thanks for the insight and encouragement to make time with God a priority, giving us the strength we need to face the world for His purposes.
      Love you!

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