October 2011-Quotes

This has been a busy month for us but somehow I have found time to read a few things.  Here are a few random quotes I jotted down. From the Message (Eugene Peterson) I Cor. 13 “Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly.” I Cor 15  “Ignorance of God is a luxury you can’t afford in times like these.” […]

Prayer and Paul Tripp link

This summer I wanted to buy one of Paul Tripp’s books on raising teenagers but it wasn’t on the kindle and I had no room left in my suitcase for another thing.  So I found his blog which has been a fun find.  This month Paul Tripp had three different blogs on prayer that reminded me that I am not […]

Lessons from Maya-Take Two

Okay it may seem a little silly that I am learning things from an animated exercise coach named Maya.  In fact this will be my second post about her.  I just read the other post on Maya and it had some great reminders for me and my lack of patience this week with my students and own children. What is […]

Too Busy Talking

Today I blew up at my 7th period class.  I do not like to admit this since this year was to be the year of responding instead of reacting.  It looks like I have some work to do on that but that is not what this post is going to be about.  What caused me to react?  I had important […]