Lessons from My Hot Water Heater

Our hot water heater didn’t seem to be working right.  The water was hot but it seemed to be working a lot harder and more often than we thought it should.  After talking with some friends, we decided it might need cleaned out.  The water here is full of calcium which can wreak havoc on things like washers and water heaters.  One day three weeks ago a guy from our organization came and with the help of our guard they cleaned it out.  By the time they were done, they had half a trash can full of yucky calcium deposits and the hot water heater had a new element.  Now our hot water heater heats water more quickly and efficiently.  Now we can often turn it off for the night and part of the day to save energy.   All it needed was a little maintenance that we had been putting off.    Without this maintenance, we would probably have been buying a new hot water heater in the next few months.

Many things in life need maintenance to keep them running smoothly.  This includes relationships.  I am finding that I need to do a better job in this area.  And mom if you are reading this, I am trying to call more often.  Relationships take time.  Time we have now but we might not have later.  I am not really a big wii person but I find that playing wii games with Big D is a way I can spend time with him.   With W. being a teenager, I find communication can be a challenge at times but I need to keep trying.  I find with my DH, it is important to not forget the little things like remembering to say thank you, just sitting and talking or even making his favorite supper.  It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in the tasks of my day and forget the people who are a part of my day.  Just like the hot water heater, I find I work much better when the gunk is out of my life and I am right with God.   I don’t need a new heating element but I do need the light of the world to shine through me.  He can’t do that when I get in the way.   Relationships take work but aren’t they worth it?  I don’t want to look back a few years from now and think that I missed out on a relationship just because I didn’t take the time and energy to maintain it.

Dear God, Thank you for how you work in us to make us more like you.  Thank you for having a relationship with us and modeling for us what relationships should look like through your son Jesus.  Help me to see the people you send my way and to invest in them.  Help me to live with no regrets.  Blessed be your name, Amen

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