Lessons from a Broken Printer

I was all set to print.  My word document was complete and now all I needed was a hard copy.  My DH had even made sure my computer was set up for the printer.   My computer was ready but the printer was not.  It would not even turn on.  We had been gone for the summer so our first thought was that a power surge had taken out the power cord.  So we decided to try to get it fixed.   Our organization has some guys who are great at fixing electronics.  By the end of the next day, I had my power chord back and I was up and running.   Living overseas I have a different perspective when things break.  My first thought is can this be fixed since it might be very hard to find a replacement.  When I lived in the states, I would be more likely to just throw away the printer and get a new one.  In reality sometimes it was almost cheaper to do so    I like the idea of things being repaired instead of being thrown away.  It makes me feel like I am using my resources better.

I think this is a good philosophy for relationships.  Sometimes when there is a problem it seems easier to just move on and make a new relationship.  In fact, it might be easier, but is it better?  The printer was not working because it was not able to get electricity.  In the same way, is the relationship not working because the parties involved are not plugged into the ultimate power source.   Also just as we had guys who were great at fixing electronics, most of us have people around us that can advise and helps us as well as books that can help us repair what isn’t working in our relationships.  Most of all, we have a God whose speciality is fixing broken things.  I do know that this is a broken world with broken people where everything is not able to be fixed this side of heaven.  But I want to do a better job of trying to fix broken things in my life.  I also want to be a good steward of the relationships that God sends my way.  My prayer is that they will bring Him glory.

Dear God, Thank you that you are the ultimate in fixing people and relationships.  I ask that you show me what I need to work on in the relationships that I am in.  Give me wisdom and grace to do what needs to be done.  I also ask that you be with those who are hurting right now because they have a relationship that is broken and nothing is working.  Give them wisdom on how to proceed.  May you be glorified in all our relationships.  In Your Son’s name, Amen