Lessons from a Rose Bush

Last week I was showing a new friend our backyard.  I was disappointed to find that my roses were not doing well.  They were scraggly and very few blooms were left.   A few of the bushes were even being strangled by vines.  My friend suggested cutting off the dead heads or old flowers and of course taking care of […]

Quotes: September 2011

I decided to start off with a great quote for the beginning of the school year fro the Simple Mom blog: “The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” Robert Maynard Hutchins.  I liked this quote from Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry.  “Music has a way of filling in the missing places.  It is […]

Lessons from My Hot Water Heater

Our hot water heater didn’t seem to be working right.  The water was hot but it seemed to be working a lot harder and more often than we thought it should.  After talking with some friends, we decided it might need cleaned out.  The water here is full of calcium which can wreak havoc on things like washers and water […]

Lessons from a Broken Printer

I was all set to print.  My word document was complete and now all I needed was a hard copy.  My DH had even made sure my computer was set up for the printer.   My computer was ready but the printer was not.  It would not even turn on.  We had been gone for the summer so our first […]

Quotes- August 2011

We are back home and have had a month to settle and regroup before school starts this week.  I have enjoyed the time to read, plan and just piddle around the house.  Here are a few quotes that I have liked this month. From Paul Tripp “Admitting your limits is not a sign of weakness; its an essential ingredient of […]