Confession is Good for the Soul

This summer I have been memorizing Psalm 51 and verse 6 especially stood out to me.  It says,”Surely you desire truth in the inner parts, you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” (NIV)  The whole psalm is David’s confession of his adultery and murder of Uriah.  David knew he needed to go deeper inside.  He couldn’t just confess the adultery and murder.   What caused the sin in the first place?  What needed to be cleaned out in order for him to be fully right with God?  It is when he got to the heart of the matter that he was able to ask God in verse 12 to restore to him the joy of his salvation.  I am finding when I come before God to get things right I need to go deeper than the surface.  When I go to confess unkind words I have said,  I could be dealing with resentment that has been festering.  This resentment is what needs to be dug out by God and confessed. Then there are days where things don’t seem right  between God and I but I can’t think of what I have done to cause it.  If I looked for truth in the inner parts, I might find a lack of love or self preoccupation.   Am I retreating into my own little world ignoring those around me?  Am I really loving those God sends my way or just going through the motions?  In his book, Ordering Your Private World, Gordon MacDonald  gives a list of  Twelve Apostles of Ill Health from E. Stanley Jones.  They are
·      Anger
·      Resentments
·      Fear
·      Worry
·      Desire to dominate
·      Self preoccupation
·      Guilts
·      Sexual impurity
·      Jealousy
·      Lack of creative activity
·      Inferiorities
·      Lack of love.
This list has helped me do a better job of finding truth in my inner parts.  Our amazing God can take out all the ugliness that is trying to take residence in our hearts and replace it with his Spirit and the fruit that only His Spirit can give us making us ready for His service.

Dear God, Thank you that you care enough to dig deeper in our hearts to take out those sins that are keeping us from being spiritually well.  Help us each day to seek you and your will for that day.  Amen

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