Rejoice is a Verb

As I prepare for the new school year,  I keep finding myself in the company of two of our local language teachers who are graciously giving me space in their classroom to work.  They like to ask me questions about what a school policy means and even what different English words mean.  On Sunday I was working on putting the […]

Favorite Links- August 2011

Two links I have been enjoying this summer are and  The first link was recommended by a friend and allows you to sign up for a free song download each week.  We have done it for four weeks now and have liked all but one of the downloads.  The last one was a fun teenage girl song that had us […]

Manna Lessons

These are some thoughts I had after reading Psalm 78 and Exodus 16. 1. Don’t Forget God’s Provision.  In Exodus 16, the Israelites were only two months into their wilderness journey and were convinced that God had brought them out into the wilderness to starve them.  They were complaining and wanted to go back to Egypt where they could eat […]

Confession is Good for the Soul

This summer I have been memorizing Psalm 51 and verse 6 especially stood out to me.  It says,”Surely you desire truth in the inner parts, you teach me wisdom in the inmost place.” (NIV)  The whole psalm is David’s confession of his adultery and murder of Uriah.  David knew he needed to go deeper inside.  He couldn’t just confess the […]

Quotes-July 2011

Let me first recommend the book, Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeust.   Lysa’s book describes what happens when you let an amazing God guide and lead you.  She shares her ups and downs and gives practical suggestions to get you on the right path.  Here are a few things I read from her book this […]