Quotes-June 2011

My quotes this month come from the two books I am reading.  I am hoping that these quotes will not just be written down in my journal but on my heart and lived out.

From Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst

p.40 “If Satan can use our everyday experiences, both big and small, to cripple our true identity, then he renders God’s people totally ineffective for the kingdom of God.”

p. 92 “Insecurities should not prompt me to get things from others that I should be getting from God.  Rather they should prompt me to give to others so I can point them to God.  My insecurities can actually help me if I allow God to use them to make me more sensitive and discerning toward the insecurities of others.”

p.110 “Before I get together with friends, I do two things: I consciously decide not to utter a negative comment or “piece” of gossip I might have heard, and I prepare in advance some positive discussion items.  Instead of hoping conversation with friends goes in a healthy direction, why not steer the conversation?”

From The Ministry of Intercession: A Plea for More Prayer by Andrew Murray

“In all His instructions, our Lord Jesus spake much oftener to His disciples about their praying than their preaching.  In the farewell discourse, He said little about preaching, but much about the Holy Spirit, and their asking whatsoever they would in His Name.  If we are to return to this life of the first apostles and of Paul, and really accept the truth everyday- my first work, my only strength is intercession, to secure the power of God on the souls entrusted to me.”

“”But it is impossible to find the time to pray as we wish to.” I could only answer, “Time is a quantity that accommodates itself to our will; what our hearts really consider of first importance in the day, we will soon succeed in finding time for.””

Dear God, Take my insecurities and fill that empty place with your Spirit.  May I be sensitive to those who are hurting and love them as you would love them.  Be with my words that they would be full of grace and truth.  Most of all, let my first work and my first response be prayer.   In Your Son’s Name, Amen

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