The Mountain in Front of Me

I sat out on the balcony of the lodge where we were staying looking at the mountain in front of me.  My thoughts drifted back to last summer when Big D, my dear husband and a friend tried to scale the mountain but due to supper calling only made it about 3/4 of the way.  Then I smiled as I remembered how this spring my boys not only climbed the mountain once but twice.  They started earlier.  They took a different path.  They were mentally prepared.  This weekend I was wanting to scale the mountain like they did but the timing was not right.  Instead I enjoyed a two hour hike along the stream with a friend meeting a shepherd girl along the way.

As I continued to look at that mountain that weekend from the balcony, it made me think of my life.  I was staring at a mountain of worries about my dad, the finals and other school things that needed to be done in the next few weeks, the packing and planning for our trip this summer, and the list goes on.  On top of that I was dealing with emotions that were of my own making.  I had no idea how I could survive the month yet here I was away from the city looking at this mountain.  You could say it was a weekend of perspective.  Don’t we all need that.   All the ladies on our team had left behind our families to come away to this place and rest.  We worshiped; we prayed; we sat quietly by the flowing stream.  God spoke to our hearts and I came away with the mountain still there but a will that with God’s help I could climb it.  Nickel Creek has a song that says, “You don’t have to move that mountain, just help me Lord to climb it.”  As the week went on and things were checked off my list, I realized the mountain was much bigger in my mind than it was in real life.  I would make it.  God would provide what I needed.  It was a month of tears and hard work but it was also a month of God’s presence and grace.

If you are facing a mountain right now, believe me I know how you are feeling.   Take a minute or hour or day to rest and get God’s perspective remembering that he will help you climb that mountain.  I would also love to pray for you on your journey if you would like to leave a comment.  Blessings as you climb. TJ