Footsteps in the Sand

Footsteps in the Sand

This afternoon our family took a walk on the beach.  The sun was beginning its descent and casting it light off the waves as they came crashing on to the beach.  My DH and I enjoyed the water coming up around our feet as we walked.   Big D loved running to miss the waves getting his feet.  W sometimes tagged along behind walking in the water and other times walking by her daddy enjoying his company.  The tide was out so the sand was solid and wet.   As I followed my DH on our way back to the place where we were staying, I began to watch his foot prints in the sand.  They were there and then less than a minute they were gone.  The closer I followed my DH the better I was able to make out his footprints and where he was leading us.    Isn’t that a little like following Jesus?  The closer we are to him the better it is to see where he is leading us.  The farther away we are the footprints get a little less distinct.  Do I see footprints of Jesus each day or am  I lagging too far behind that they are disappearing in the sand?

Dear God, Thank you for leading us each step of the way.  May I never neglect my relationship with your son and lag behind in seeing His footprints clearly.  Forgive me for when I wander and can’t see clearly.  This day may I closely follow your leading.  In Your Son’s name, Amen

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