March 2011 Quotes

On a fun note, I am starting a new journal this week. Somehow it is like a new book to write where my life is full of God instead of myself. Each day is a new chapter. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this month. From a Mother Teresa- A Simple Path compiled by Lucinda Vardey When asked […]

What Picture are You Looking at?

This morning at bible study, we were talking about Isaiah 62 and how God had given Israel a new name and what that meant. Israel would not longer be called “Deserted” or Desolate“. She would now be called “Hephzibah” which means the Lord will take delight in you. One lady even took out Israel’s name and replaced it with the […]

Stand Firm

Stand firm. This has been my motto for the past week. Stand firm with my kids. Stand firm with the emotions that want to take over. Stand firm in my classroom. W and D have just finished memorizing Eph 6. I actually bribed them with a movie to do this but they actually seemed to enjoy the process. As we […]