Not Your Typical American Girl Party

My daughter went to an American Girl party this weekend. Two things stood out about this party. One, we live in a Central Asian country and secondly, this party had a special message for the girls. W. came home talking of a fun lunch, hair braiding and manicures. Later though she started a talking about how the hostess uses markers to mark passages in her bible as she does her quiet time. Inspired, W. talked about how she wants to be more disciplined in her quiet time and her plan. So far her plan seems to be working.

Here’s the thing. As a mom, I encourage my children to have a quiet time. We talk about how important it is and think about how to make it happen. I even ask about how it is going every so often. Even then, I want my children to make time with God a priority because it is their priority so I don’t want to be pushy about it all. One of my prayers for my children is that they will seek after God and have a faith that is their own. I can’t make that happen, only God can. So I smile when other people speak into my children’s lives words of truth. They may have been words I have spoken but somehow it is different coming from someone else.

So I have no idea how long my daughter’s plan will last. I hope forever. Two things I know. One is I will keep praying that my children’s relationship with God will be their own and grow. Secondly, I will remember how important it is to have people in my children’s lives that can speak the truth into their lives.

Dear God, Thank you for your ways. Thank you for your word and how it speaks to us. May we be faithful in bringing up these precious children. May you speak words of truth into their lives and may they seek you in all things. In your son’s name, Amen