Not Your Typical American Girl Party

My daughter went to an American Girl party this weekend. Two things stood out about this party. One, we live in a Central Asian country and secondly, this party had a special message for the girls. W. came home talking of a fun lunch, hair braiding and manicures. Later though she started a talking about how the hostess uses markers […]

Quotes-January 2011

Here are some quotes from my reading this month.From an email sent to me by my father in law, author of the quote unknown. “Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly, and pray continually. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” We are praying for snow where I live […]

Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are one of the nicest inventions around at least where we live. We don’t have heat in our bedrooms so a hot water bottle does a great job of keeping our bed toasty. The only trouble is that someone has to heat the water and fill the bottles. Ideally if you want your bed just right when […]

Our Family’s 2010 Favorite Reads

One thing I like about my family is that we all like to read. As our daughter gets older, it is fun sharing the same books and seeing her perspective on the book. We have similar tastes but each has their own ideas of what they like best. Living overseas we don’t have access to librarys so before moving we […]

2011- The Year of …

For me, a New Year means a new chance to improve or change or even just start anew on some task or habit. This past week as I was reading I came across two different blogs where the writers’ use one word to describe their goal for the year. For Ann, this year is a year of HERE and for […]