Hope in Desolute Places

On my way to school every day, I see men standing by a bridge hoping someone will come and hire them. People are crammed onto buses like sardines. Little boys with dirty faces and clothes walk around hoping some one will give them a coin or two. Cars have made a three laned road where there should be just three and construction makes traffic even more crazy. Dust fills the air and I am thankful it is cooler weather so the windows can stay closed. In the midst of it all, where is hope? In spite of all the dust and destruction from the past, the sun still shines brightly here most every day. Even though I don’t always see it, the SON is shining here as well. In Isaiah 49:6 it talks about how just restoring Israel is too small of thing for the Messiah to do but he will also be a light to the Gentiles. He will bring his salvation to the ends of the earth. As I live life here in the land God has called my family to, I often wonder how well I am reflecting the light of the SON. It is good to remember that God’s arm is not too short and he can save anyone in any place. This time of year, I am reminded also that it is God reaching down to us. All we have to do is look up and believe. Pray with me that the people of this land will look up and see the Light. Pray they will see hope in that light.