Quotes:November 2010

This month I have spent a lot of time reading a book called Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God by Sheila Walsh. Through out the book, Sheila shares her story of trusting God along with the stories of other characters in the Bible who chose to do the same. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book.

From the chapter on Joseph:
The logic is not: trust God and he will always keep you safe. Bad things-frightening things happen every day to those who love the Lord. The truth is:what makes us safe is the absolute truth that God is with us no matter what our circumstances.

Dr. RT Kendall: Every trial is designed to show you something about yourself that you did not know.

From the chapter on Tabitha:
She was called disciple because she “got it.” she understood that whether you are in crowd that witnessed the spectacular or in a quiet room making clothes for the destitute what you do matters when it is motivated by a heart of love for Christ.

From the chapter on Abraham:
Hannah Hurnard: If we try to resist loss and change or to hold on to blessings and joy belonging to the past which must drop away from us, we postpone all the new blessings awaiting us on a higher level and find ourselves left in a barren, bleak winter of sorrow and loneliness.

If anything, the lives of Moses, Abraham, and Sarah are testaments to the fact that living in trust is in all the everyday things as well as in our big life dreams.

From the chapter on Gideon:
One of the most transforming truths I have embraced on my journey thus far is that whatever God calls me to do, he has already equipped me to do it. That sounds so obvious, so simple, and yet I believe we struggle to live that way.

I am thankful for Sheila sharing her journey and insights from the Bible.
Seeking to trusting God in all things,

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