Last Thoughts from Deut.29-32

Here are a few thoughts of mine as I end my blogs on Deut.
Deut 29: I am reminded to not let any root grow that could bear bitter or poisonous fruit. In my conversations am I seeking understanding? When something bothers me, do I deal with it or let it fester? Do I forgive quickly?
Deut 30: God delights in my obedience. How I want God to delight in me. I may think that obedience is too difficult but this chapter reminds us that it is not too difficult. As followers of Jesus, we also have the Holy Spirit who will help keep us on the straight path.
Deut 31: I am reminded to be strong and courageous for God is with me. There are many days in this land I need this reminder. Also this chapter reminds me that being in God’s word will keep me from turning away from God and his will for me.
Deut 32: Thjs chapter is a song reminding me that God wants to demonstrate his holiness through me and to be my Rock and only refuge. Moses taught the song to the people to give them a way to remember important truths.
Deut 33: Here we see the blessings God gives to each of the tribes. It is neat to see how God blessed each tribe differently but each was truly blessed. I think it is important to remember that God will bless each of us different acccording to who we are and our relationship with God. It is also important in the blessing not to forget the Giver of all blessings.
There is much more in these chapters but I have been finished with Deut for a while and am ready to move on. Deut is a great reminder of God’s love for his people, His desire for our obedience and a reminder that God is with us and for us.

Dear God, Thank you for your word. Thank you for going into unknown places with us. Thank you that you do not make it too difficult for us. May your Holy Spirit be in me and may my obedience bring you delight. Amen

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