Blessings and Curses-Deut 27,28

As people redeemed from slavery, Israel had a choice. They could follow and obey God and be blessed or they could follow after other gods and disobey and be cursed. The ball was in their court. They would choose what it would be by their everyday choices. God wanted to bless them but God is also God. As a good parent, God allowed the curses to come to his people to discipline them and bring them back to him. Obedience would bring not only blessing to the people of Israel but to the people around them. Obedience allowed God’s light to shine through His people.

As a child of God saved by grace, I also have a choice to make each day. Will I obey and follow God’s leading or go my own way? Everyday I feel eyes upon me looking to see what I will do. I pray that my actions will reflect the light of my Savior. I pray through my obedience I can be a blessing to those God sends my way.

Dear God, Help me to obey you and follow you in all things. Be with my actions and my words as I teach each day. Be with me when my students are good and be even more with me when they are a challenge. May I do what is right even when it is hard. In Jesus name, Amen