August 2010 quotes

Here are some of the things I have found in my reading last month.

From Holly:
There’s a big difference between choosing based on God’s purpose for my life and simply chasing after everything that comes my way.

From Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel
When you convince your kids that things are evil rather than Satan and his corrupted world system being evil, you set them up to be manipulated by him. p.152

What determines evil is how Satan is using the thing or action in an individual’s life. What determines goodness is how God is working through the thing or the action in the individual (you, me, child) in the equation. p.153

From CS Lewis:
Though our feelings come and go. God’s love for us does not.

From Glynnis
Sometimes God speaks to people when they are in a place of emotional quiet. Loneliness can put us in that place. Peace can put us in that place. Ceasing to strive can put us in that place.

From High Calling Blogs
How can I expect my sons will talk to me about their fears and anxieties- or, when the time comes, about girls or drinking or drugs- if I won’t even listen to their thoughts on trees or birds or bugs.

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