Two Questions that Require a Response

Have you ever asked your children a question and they gave you the proper response but their actions did not match their response? The same thing happened with God and the people of Israel. In Isaiah, Isaiah asks two questions about God. In verse 21 and 22, Isaiah asks “Do you not know or have you not heard that God […]

Last Thoughts from Deut.29-32

Here are a few thoughts of mine as I end my blogs on Deut.Deut 29: I am reminded to not let any root grow that could bear bitter or poisonous fruit. In my conversations am I seeking understanding? When something bothers me, do I deal with it or let it fester? Do I forgive quickly?Deut 30: God delights in my […]

Blessings and Curses-Deut 27,28

As people redeemed from slavery, Israel had a choice. They could follow and obey God and be blessed or they could follow after other gods and disobey and be cursed. The ball was in their court. They would choose what it would be by their everyday choices. God wanted to bless them but God is also God. As a good […]

August 2010 quotes

Here are some of the things I have found in my reading last month. From Holly:There’s a big difference between choosing based on God’s purpose for my life and simply chasing after everything that comes my way.From Grace Based Parenting by Tim KimmelWhen you convince your kids that things are evil rather than Satan and his corrupted world system being […]