Why I am here in this place? Deut 26

There are two sides to the question. First is why am I in this physical place? The other has to do more with a state of being in what I am doing. These were two questions that Israel was to answer as they brought their offering to God. They were to say that God had brought them out of slavery to this promised land. They were to remember that their success was due to God alone. In return for all God had done, they were to worship God through their offerings and obedience. They were to not only worship but celebrate his goodness with family, the Levites and even the foreigners among them. Chapter 26 of Deut. is a good reminder of the importance of acknowledging God’s deliverance and how He keeps his promises.

So today I acknowledge the path God has brought me on. God took me by the hand at a young age becoming my Savior and Lord. Through the years, I have seen his guiding hand directing me in one way and then another. God has also been faithful to never give me more than I can handle and to be a place of refuge when I am in a hard place. Now He has brought our family to a land that needs His light. We feel blessed by Him in this place as he provides for us physically, emotionally and spiritually through our friends and family at home and our team and fellow workers here. These are words I need to be reminded of especially after having a hard week or even month.

Dear God, Thank you for delivering me from sin into your kingdom. Thank you for your provision and faithfulness. May we see you work in this place. Amen

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      It has been a great blessing to our family to see how God has led your family to where you are today. Thank you for sharing with us as He has moved in your lives, answered prayers, and provided in amazing ways. It gives us confidence to rely on Him in our circumstances as well as we remember His faithfulness to lead you.
      Love you guys!

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