A Time to Fight and… Deut.20

Deut 20 begins with Moses telling the people not to be afraid when they go up against an army that is bigger than them because God was with them. Being God, He could win the battle with a few men or many. Take for example, Gideon as he fought with a few hundred men and just torches, clay pots and horns after sending many men home. God even gives exceptions to fight to men who are about to get married, have just built a house or vineyard and lastly if they are afraid. God loves life and wants us to experience that to the fullest. There is a time to fight and a time to let others do the fighting.

The pastor of our church preached on this passage a few weeks ago. He talked about the need to not judge when people go home or move to another location due to fear or other reasons. He even gave an example of a time when he evacuated his family to a different city. Others couldn’t believe he was doing that but it was the right choice for his family. When the danger was over, they moved back and resumed their ministry. God makes people differently. I can see that where I live. Some people ministering here have been through thick and thin and we learn much from their years of experience. Others like us are new and just figuring things out. A few come on short term trips where the husband comes leaving the wife and kids at home. It is good to know that God knows we are human and are vulnerable to fear. Yes, God says to not be afraid but He also takes us from where we are and moves us to where we need to be. For example, Simon Peter was afraid and denied Jesus three times but later in life had no fear as he faced death and was even said to be crucified upside down. This transformation did not happen overnight but was a process. Hopefully I can be more like Peter (which means the rock) than like Simon (which means a reed)

Dear God, Thank you for letting us be a part of your fight. We know in all things you will be victorious. May we not be afraid but remember you are with us. May we not judge when others are afraid and choose not to fight. May we have grace both for them and ourselves. Amen