Tattoos-Deut 18

Even though Deut 18 does not talk about tattoos, it did make me think of a book I am reading called Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel. In one chapter, Tim talks about how the bible does not say you should not get tatttoos as some propose it does. (For the whys and such, I will let you read the book.) Just when you think he is going to say so you should let your kids get one if they want, he tells the reader that he and his wife will not let their childern get a tattoo. The point was not tattoos. The point was how we can use the bible to say things it doesn’t say especially when we take verses out of context. So if I don’t want my children to get tattoos or do some other thing, it is important to discuss why that is so with our children and not just say the bible says we shouldn’t. I was reminded of II Tim. 2:15 b where Paul encourages Timothy to “Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.” As a parent, it is my responsibility to teach and train my children by guiding them with God’s help in the way they should go. Part of that responsibility is using the bible as a guide for my parenting but not pounding it over their heads and telling my children the bible says things it does not say. Which leads me to Deut 18, in this chapter Moses talks about the requirements of being a prophet. The prophet would be raised up from among the Israelites and would be like Moses which I am assuming means like him in character and integrity. To say words that were not God’s words was serious business and would result in death. The people would know if the prophet was a true one because his prophecies would come true. God wanted the prophets to speak only His words. Speaking the words of God was a life and death situation. As a mom, I want to speak the words of God to my children. May I do so in a way that is pleasing to Him who holds all things in His hands. I am not a prophet but am still responsible who how I use the word of God.

Dear God, Thank you for your word and how it guides us in our lives. Give us wisdom and insight into how to correctly explain your word to our children. May our children come to love your word and learn from it themselves. Amen