Not Random at all-Deut 23,24,25

As I first read through these three chapters of Deuteronomy, I thought about how random some of the laws seemed to be. After some thought, I realized that nothing with God is random. I may not know the purpose for the law that was given but God does. God is not random. He has a purpose and plan for everything. He thinks of details we would not think of. These chapters remind us that there are consequences to our behavior and God above all desires holiness in his people. He also reminded the people to remember they were once slaves in Egypt which should affect how they now treat others and why God has certain guidelines in place. It made me think of how I was once a slave to sin but God rescued me. Does this make me want to help and care for others more? I hope we as redeemed people do treat others in a more loving way because we have been redeemed.

Dear God, Thank you for your word. Thank you that you have a purpose in all that you do. May I be obedient to your word. Thank you for your redemption and help me to live as one who has been redeemed. Amen