God’s Heart- Deut 21

When we see God’s heart, it makes us love Him even more. Hopefully our desire is to also have a heart like Him. Deut 21 does not even have the word heart in it but the law set forth in this chapter reveals what God cares about. First God desires justice when a murder goes unsolved. A ceremony is included here that gives the people an opportunity to declare their innocence, ask God to forgive their community for this sin, and also ask God not to charge them with the murder of this innocent person. Do I have a heart of justice? Do I pray for forgiveness for the crimes committed where I live even though I did not commit the crime? Next God shows his heart for those who are captives. In this case, captives who married their captors and then were rejected by them. God made provision to have these captive brides set free. Do I have a heart for those who are captive and rejected? Is there something I can do to help set them free? Last God shows his heart for the unloved wife and her son. During this time many men had two wives. Often one wife would be treated better and loved more than the other. But if the first born son was from the unloved wife, he would still receive a double portion. A man couldn’t just decide to give the double portion to the son of the wife he loved more. Do I have a heart for those who are unloved and feel hopeless in their marriages?

As I look back on what I have written I don’t have answers to my questions. I also wish there wasn’t these problems to deal with. Ideally these problems should not be. There should not be murder. There should not be a wife who is unloved and rejected. God knows we are human and live in a fallen world but in this fallen world, God’s love and grace can shine brightly and make a difference.