Why I am here in this place? Deut 26

There are two sides to the question. First is why am I in this physical place? The other has to do more with a state of being in what I am doing. These were two questions that Israel was to answer as they brought their offering to God. They were to say that God had brought them out of slavery […]

Not Random at all-Deut 23,24,25

As I first read through these three chapters of Deuteronomy, I thought about how random some of the laws seemed to be. After some thought, I realized that nothing with God is random. I may not know the purpose for the law that was given but God does. God is not random. He has a purpose and plan for everything. […]

Being a Good Neighbor- Deut 22

As I read Deut 22, I had to smile. All I could think about was this dog who used to live across the road from us. He was an escape artist. They had a fence around their yard but somehow he would always get out. His timing for escaping was always when his family was not home and I was […]

God’s Heart- Deut 21

When we see God’s heart, it makes us love Him even more. Hopefully our desire is to also have a heart like Him. Deut 21 does not even have the word heart in it but the law set forth in this chapter reveals what God cares about. First God desires justice when a murder goes unsolved. A ceremony is included […]

A Time to Fight and… Deut.20

Deut 20 begins with Moses telling the people not to be afraid when they go up against an army that is bigger than them because God was with them. Being God, He could win the battle with a few men or many. Take for example, Gideon as he fought with a few hundred men and just torches, clay pots and […]

False Witness- Deut 19

As I read about the justice system, God set in place for the Israelites I liked seeing the checks and balances he put in place. His goal was to protect the innocent. Sort of like today where in most countries, people are said to be innocent until proven guilty. The first check was in the provision of the city of […]

Tattoos-Deut 18

Even though Deut 18 does not talk about tattoos, it did make me think of a book I am reading called Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel. In one chapter, Tim talks about how the bible does not say you should not get tatttoos as some propose it does. (For the whys and such, I will let you read the […]

Guidelines Fit for a King

I had a day last week where I woke up with just enough time to exercise or do what we call at our house my God time. I chose to exercise. It ended up being one of those mornings where the blender bottom was not on tight so I ended up with a big mess. The electricity went out right […]

Party Time Deut 16

In chapter 16, the Israelites were told they were to celebrate three different festivals-Passover, the Festival of the Harvest, and the Festival of Shelters. The Passover was God’s way of helping the people remember their salvation from the Egyptians and a foreshadowing of the Messiah to come. The other festivals were also God’s built in reminder for the people to […]

The Poor-Deut 15

What would our world be like if just within our own countries we released people of their debts every 7 years? Deut 15 talks about the practice of releasing the debts of your fellowman every 7 years and if they are slave to you to also release them after 7 years. First of all, there would be more hope and […]