Sharing Life-Deut 3

In Deut. 3, Moses recalls how the Israelites conquered the east side of the Jordan. He also begins to transfer leadership to Joshua. Three tribes receive their land on the east side with a promise that they will help their brothers conquer the land on the other side of the Jordan. More than once in this chapter, Moses is preparing and encouraging Joshua to take his place. It was important for there to be a good transition for the Israelites and the task ahead would be a difficult one. Moses also seemed to be Joshua’s cheerleader telling him not to be afraid. It is interesting to note that even though Moses mentored Joshua, Joshua’s leadership style ended up being very different from Moses. This difference fit the different season that the nation of Israel was in. Two things stick out for me. The first is how important it is to train people to take your place when God calls you to another. The second is that God uses different people in the same job at different seasons because their style is different. He may need my style for one period of time and some one else’s for another. Both are right for the job.

Deut. 3 also talks a lot about the three tribes-Gad, Reuben, and half of Manasseh receiving their land. They were allowed to get their families settled and then were to march ahead of the other tribes to help conquer the land on the other side of the Jordan. They were to leave their security to help others find theirs. Sometimes it is easy to get settled and forgot to look around us at those who haven’t found security in God, in their job situation or even within their family. This passage reminded me of how important it is for me to partner with my brothers and sisters when they are going through a hard time. I need to remember how others have helped me in my hard times. (Note: Gad, Reuben and Manasseh did not conquer their land by themselve. They had help from the other tribes. ) I can help by offering a listening ear or watching some one’s kids so a couple can have time alone. My help may include showing someone how to do a resume or a budget. Most of all it will mean some time on my knees in prayer for the situation.

Dear God, Thank you for your love and plan. Help us to be willing students of those who are training us and to be faithful to train others who come into our lives. Especially be with me, as I train my children. May I see clearly how to be there for others and what I should do. May your love and grace work through me. Amen