A Tree

The last year has been challenging for our family in many ways. One year ago we moved overseas, proceeded to learn a new language and culture, and then in the Spring moved to our permanent location. Overall it has been a fun experience for our family. Other times it has been hard. When it gets hard, I find myself wanting […]

Our Time in the Wilderness-Deut. 1

I have started going through the book of Deuteronomy and thought it would keep me on track if I would blog what I have been learning. In the first chapter of Deut., Moses reminds the people that their journey of 40 years was really only a 19 day journey. Israel not only had lessons that God wanted them to learn […]

Check it Out

This morning as I listened to the birds singing outside and felt the cool breeze coming in my window, I enjoyed reading a new blog by a dear friend of mine. Her words were true and full of grace. I can see myself going back and taking a second look at what she has written. So feel free to check […]

Did You Wash Behind Your Ears?

I use to laugh when I heard that phrase. Growing up, I don’t ever remember my mother asking that question. I never asked that question until I moved here. Now I ask the question often to my dear son. Dust is everywhere. Just imagine a sweaty boy and dust, the combination leads to a lot of scrubbing. I will be […]

Lines in the Road

Recently I was taking a trip into the city center to do some shopping. After going on some very bumpy, dirt back roads, we came out on a nice highway that was three maybe four lanes. I am not really sure if it was three or four because sometimes there were three lanes of cars and sometimes it was four. […]