July Quotes

These are quotes that have encouraged and challenged me this month.

From the blog, “A Wise Woman Builds Her Home“:
Women are called to manage their homes; this pleases God and keeps the adversary from speaking reproachfully. Women who make homes keep God’s word form being blasphemed. The way I understand this is that a home well managed is a positive glory; a home in shambles is a poor testimony. But this is not to lay a guilt on women; rather it should inspire us to view our seemingly mundane tasks as a truly worthy calling that God uses to transform the world. We often think of housekeeping as drudgery. But God says it silences our enemies. That is something potent. God always does things backwards form what we think. This requires wisdom.

From the book Now Discover Your Strengths found at Heart to Heart with Holly
“Our divinely created strength are actually supported by our weaknesses because if we were good at everything we wouldn’t focus on anything.”

From the blog, Study in Brown, attributed to Elisabeth Leseur

Sometimes the very desire for action leads to the neglect of action. Looking for some opportunity to give oneself, to devote oneself, one forgets the humble brother close at hand who is waiting for a word of comfort, a saving gesture.

Let us not linger in contemplation of the road ahead; let us follow the narrow path. Let us not look too far or too high, but right in front of ourselves, right next to ourselves. The good to be done is perhaps there.”

From the novel The Dark Foundations by Chris Walley
Where we are in the great timetable has no real bearing on matters of right and wrong. Everyday we have to make the right decisions. If I knew the King was returning tomorrow or in ten thousand years’ time, it would not alter my choice. And, Merral, that’s what counts. We just battle evil until the whistle blows-whenever that is.” Luke looked sharply at Merrel. ” You agree?”

Later in the story: “Luke gave a nod of slow agreement. “A wise realization. One of the oldest and most subtle heresies is the idea that evil can be defeated cheaply.”

From the novel, Infinite Day by Chris Walley
This was from Merral, one of the main characters. I demanded understanding that I might have faith. I failed to realize that faith is the prerequisite to understanding.

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