Being God’s Chosen-Deut 4

Everyone likes to be chosen whether it is chosen for a kick ball team or chosen for a new job or even chosen by a special some one to be their one and only. In this chapter, Moses is reminding the Israelites of many things including how God chose them. Imagine being chosen by God to be his people. First of all, Moses points out”what nation has a god who comes near to them as the Lord our God is near to us whenever we call on him.” (vs7) Then Moses recalls how God chose Israel to be “his very own people and his special possession”(vs20) while they were in slavery in Egpyt. In the midst of all the rules and regulations of Deut, we are reminded of why there are the rules and regulations. God has a plan for HIS people. They are HIS chosen. Why would you want to worship idols when the God of the universe chose you? The sad thing is that even here God knew that someday they would fall away and worship idols. The amazing thing is that God promised to be found when they turned back to him seeking with all their heart and soul. The Israelites had been through many things such as “trials, miraculous signs, wonders, war, a strong hand, a powerful arm and terrifying acts.”(vs34) God did all of this so that they would absolutely know that the Lord is God and there is no other. Not only that, he would care for them and bring them into the promised land. God is giving of himself to this people and desiring to have a relationship with them which starts with obedience to his plan. Today it is not any different. God has chosen us to be His. In Ephesians 1:4, it says “Before the world began, God loved us and chose us in Christ to nbe holy and without fault.” Not only then but now, God is wanting us to seek Him and be in relationship with Him. Now that is amazing.

Before I leave Deut. 4, I wanted to point out two warnings given in this chapter. The first is “Watch out!” (vs 9) The people were to watch out that they did not forget all that God had done for them. I would say that warning would apply to us today. When I remember what God has done for me I am more likely to stay on His path and not fall victim to a “woe is me” attitute. When I begin to forget, I start thinking more negatively and seeing things through my eyes not God’s. The second warning is to “Be very careful!”(15) The people were to be very careful to not even be tempted to make idols or worship any part of nature. In the same way today, we often want to put someone maybe even ourselves up on a pedestal forgetting that God alone deserves that spot. As I am writing this, I am asking myself if God has first place in all things in my life. Is there anything I am putting before God? Am I being careful?

Dear God, Thank you for chosing us and reaching out to us. Thank you that when we call, you come near. May I watch out to always remember your goodness and how you have worked in my life. May I be careful to put you first in all things. Show me where I have fallen short in these areas. May you be glorified in all I do. Amen