Quotes May 2010

Here are a few quotes I have found in my reading and listening that I would like to remember. From The Cries of the Heart by Ravi Zacharia“Worship is what binds all of life together and gives it a single focus.” From a guest speaker on a Revive Our Hearts podcast” It is better to build children than to repair […]


Security is a big issue. Whether it is physical, spiritual, or financial security, security is something people think about all around the world. At airports, there are metal detectors. In schools, there are cops. In the financial world, there are IRAs and 401Ks. Spiritually, people are searching for the truth, God, and the answer to the question “Is there life […]

Friendship Musing

As I am in the process of getting to know the ladies on our team and hopefully building some deeper relationships with some of them, I am reminded of the many times we have moved and I have gone through this friendship building process. It is never the same. Sometimes you have someone who really reaches out to you. Other […]

How Persistent am I?

Our persistence is often in direct proportion to how much we want something. A child who see a plate of freshly baked cookies will persist in asking for one until he gets one or gets in trouble for asking one too many times. A guy intrigued by a beautiful young lady will continue to ask her out until she says […]