Quotes: March and April 2010

Here are a few quotes that have caught my attention that last few months.

From a blog called Study in Brown and attributed to Albert Einstein

Three Rules of Work

1. Out of clutter find simplicity.

2. From discord find harmony

3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

From EM Bounds: ” How we estimate and place prayer is how we estimate and place God. To give a secondary place is to make God secondary in life’s affairs.”

From Created to Work by Bob Shultz
“Hasty people miss God because God is never in a hurry. He doesn’t change pace to walk with people. He requires people to change their pace to walk with Him. A man rushing through life, running over everything and everyone that gets in his way, will not hear the voice of God. His hurried efforts create too much chaos for him to enjoy God’s presence.

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