Do you ever read something and feel like you someone has stepped on your toes and rightly so? Here is a blog called the Treasure of Leftover Food. Every day I see people and sometimes goats going through the dumpster by our house looking for some treasure. I don’t stop often enough to thank God that I not only have plenty of food to eat but usually food that I enjoy. It reminded me of the need to give thanks everyday. So I decided to start a list. I would love for you to join me in the comments in adding things you are thankful for.

1. For a husband who loves God, his family and his job.
2. For kids who still like to hang out with their parents.
3. For the opportunity to be in a different culture and work with a great team.
4. For all the people who are patient with me as I try to communicate in a new language.
5. For friends and family who encourage us and keep in touch.
6. For tears that draw me closer to God.
7. That it is all about God and not about me.
8. For fun finds at the Bush Bazaar that help make life more fun.
9. That my teenage daughter loves the fashion here except maybe the head covering.
10. For all the friends my son has made here. Sometimes I think he is at the neighbors more than our house.
11. For our shipment being delayed reminding that things aren’t as important as we sometimes make them to be.
12. For opportunities to provide work for different ladies, even if it is just sewing missing buttons on my curtains.
13. For peace in the craziness of life.
14. For good books and authors who speak the truth in their books.
15. For an opportunity to write down my thoughts.

Dear God, Thank you for all of the above and so much more. May each day be filled with thankfulness. Amen

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      I am thankful for a husband that has stuck with me for 26 years.

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      I am thankful for:
      Health in our family
      Steady employment with benefits
      God's perfect, inspired, eternal Word available to me at all times
      Extended family who love God and get along well
      That's the short list!
      The Medleys

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      I am thankful for your dear friendship! Hi, TJ! I left an award for you on my blog.

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