Skirt Give Away

Just thought some of you might enjoy a chance to win a fun skirt. The give away is at The Stay At Home Missionary so go there for the details. Since I already have too many clothes, I thought it would be fun to try to win a skirt for W who is growing so fast and can now wear […]

Fear Factor

I am no stranger to fear.  In fact, fear and I use to be very good friends.  When my DH and I were first married, he commuted 45 minutes back and forth to Dallas. He would dutifully call me before he left work (pre-cell phone days) and then head my way. Sometimes the drive would take 45 minutes and other […]

February 2010 Quotes ( a bit late)

Here are some of the quotes I have been collecting. From Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs “My response to my spouse is my responsibility. In my own marriage, my spouse doesn’t cause me to be the way I am. He/she reveals the way I am.” From Tedd Tripp’s Instructing a Child’s Heart (Thanks C for this one) “Friendships are […]