Quotes for January 2010

I love collecting quotes or writing down things out of books that I am reading. Here are a few that I have enjoyed in the last month or so.

From Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves by Edmund Spenser
“Despair breeds not,” quoth he, “where faith is staid.” (Arthur)

From Boundaries p.258
“It may comfort you to know, that if you are afraid, you are possibly on the right road- the road to change and growth.”

From William Tyndale
“Go boldly to God. He desires your prayers and has commanded you to pray. He promises to hear you, not because you are good but because He is good.”

From Love and Respect by Ralph Emerson
“Forgiving is the direct opposite of judging. Nothing is easier then judging, nothing is harder then forgiving, and nothing brings more blessing.”

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