The Best Thing/ The Worst Thing

Supper is a time that we alway try to eat together as a family and find out a little about our children’s day. We have one child that loves to talk and one not so much. Also when you ask, what did you do today? You will sometimes get a I don’t know or similar type answer. To help our conversation, we have started going around the table and each person sharing the best thing and the worst thing about their day. We got the idea from a movie we had watched. It is fun to hear what they consisder the best thing and worst thing. Best things might be some food they had eaten, some game they had played, time with a friend or parent or even a package from the states. Worst things might be something they don’t like that I fixed for supper, homework, or something else that was hard about their day. Sometimes they don’t have a worst thing since most of the time Big D and W. are pretty optimistic. It also gives my DH and I to share with the kids about our day. Overall it has been a fun idea that I thought I would share.

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