BumbleBee isn’t actually a bee. He is a transformer. A transformer that is in a box somewhere waiting to be delivered to the country that we currently live in. At least that is what we are hoping. He is a birthday present for our son and we have been waiting for him to come since the middle of November. Now […]

Something Parents Do

Do you ever find yourself repeating again to your children something that you have told them either that week, that day, that hour or even them in the previous minute? Why do we do that? I am not sure why other parents do it but I usually do it for two reasons. The first is that I know my children […]

Quotes for January 2010

I love collecting quotes or writing down things out of books that I am reading. Here are a few that I have enjoyed in the last month or so. From Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves by Edmund Spenser“Despair breeds not,” quoth he, “where faith is staid.” (Arthur) From Boundaries p.258“It may comfort you to know, that if you are afraid, […]

The Best Thing/ The Worst Thing

Supper is a time that we alway try to eat together as a family and find out a little about our children’s day. We have one child that loves to talk and one not so much. Also when you ask, what did you do today? You will sometimes get a I don’t know or similar type answer. To help our […]

My Resolve Part Two

I guess I have too much resolve this year that it takes two posts. Today I want to look at verses 5 and 6 of Colossians chapter 4. Verse 5 starts with Paul cautioning the believers to be wise in the way that you act toward outsiders. In our case outsiders means the nationals that we come into contact each […]

My Resolve for 2010

The past few years I have tried to find a passage of scripture that I would like to put in to practice as a resolution for the year. Last year’s post talked about wanting God’s word to be the most read book and to work on memorizing more verses. I don’t know if I accomplished the first part, but memorizing […]