Thoughts from Romans 9

How far would you be willing to go to see someone saved? What would you sacrifice? In Romans 9:1-3, Paul says that he would be forever cursed-cut off from Christ if it would save his Jewish brothers and sisters. In Psalm 119: 36, the Psalmist has “rivers of tears” coming from his eyes because of his people’s disobedience. God gave His Son Jesus so I and others who believe could be saved.

I have been asking myself these questions. Do I have a heart for the lost? What am I sacrificing so that others will be saved? I am not sure I am on Paul’s level or even close to it but I am praying that God will give me a heart for those who are without them. My sacrifices are small compared to what others have done. But I am able to sacrifice some of my time to pray for those of my family and friends that don’t know Christ? I can pray for eyes open to opportunities to share my faith and then take the opportunity to do so when I see it. I can take the time to be inconvenienced if need be so that I can be a light in some one’s life. For me, it is also a reminder that unless I can communicate in this new language, I will not be able to communicate fully His story. This makes for good motivation to keep going when things get hard or stressful and to keep trying no matter what. Maybe these things will be small steps in the right direction.