My husband is….

I bet you are wondering what I am going to say about my husband. Well today I would tell you that I am married to my Prince Charming but if you ask on another day I might give a different response. The article I have linked to is called “My Husband is an Overbearing Jerk and…” It was good reminder […]

Wisdom from a Friend

This week started off full of stress for me. We moved this last weekend. I was tired. Our family wasn’t relating well and I wasn’t dealing with it well. Partly I was discouraged thinking that all the things we had worked on the past year were for nought. Monday morning God sent me a friend who was willing to listen […]

Fun Finds on the Web

With my honey gone, I decided to sit down and finally explore some of the blogs and websites I have been writing down that look interesting. I found two that I will be going back to. The first is a book review website. I love to read but sometimes have trouble sifting through all the books out there. I look […]

Thoughts on Roman 10:1-4

Okay much of what I want to say today is similar to yesterday’s post. I often think though that God keeps giving us the same or similar message so that we will get it. Once again Paul’s heart is going out to his Jewish brothers and sisters. “Dear brothers and sisters, the longing of my heart and my prayer to […]

Thoughts from Romans 9

How far would you be willing to go to see someone saved? What would you sacrifice? In Romans 9:1-3, Paul says that he would be forever cursed-cut off from Christ if it would save his Jewish brothers and sisters. In Psalm 119: 36, the Psalmist has “rivers of tears” coming from his eyes because of his people’s disobedience. God gave […]

Thoughts from Romans 8

The last month I have been going through a study on Romans and have enjoyed the things I have been learning. Enjoyed may not be the word. I have needed to learn a few things from Romans. Romans 8:5 says “Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Spirit […]