Walking to School

The past few weeks I have found myself for one reason or another walking back and forth to the kid’s school. It is about a 20 minute walk each way. Sometimes I am with the children and sometimes by myself. The walk gives me time to think but also time to keep up with a New Years resolution of mine- to memorize more scripture. In this post I mentioned that I was memorizing Titus 3. I meant to keep up with it and did until about verse 8 or so and then just stopped. This time I decided to give myself a new start and am working on Colossians chapter 3. The almost daily review walking to and from the school has been a blessing. I put the verses on notecards that I can easily carry and put in my purse and glance at them as needed. As I memorize the verses, I am noticing details I would have never noticed just reading. Why did they put in the therefore? How is each item in the list different? The little things. I also find that the verses become prayers as I pray to set my heart and mind on things above. I sometimes pray the verse for myself, my family or whoever God lays on my heart. Hopefully I will still remember these verses a year from now but even if I do not the benefits of this time have been worth it.

On a similar note, when the kids are with me on their way to school, we use this time to talk about the upcoming day and practice their verses for the week. Big D has been learning Deut. 6: 5-9. As he was quoting the part about talking about God’s word as you walk along that way, I smiled knowing that I will treasure these moments. Hopefully we have developed a habit that will continue.

Dear God, Thank you for your word and that it is alive and active and sharper than any two edged sword. May your word show us your path. May we hid your word in our hearts so that we may not sin against you. Amen

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      Thank You, Lord, for Teresa, who pours Your Spirit into the lives of our son and grandchildren, yet always seems to have some left for us. Bless her, Father, and strengthen her for the adventures which lie ahead.

      Your servant,


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      Yea for memorizing! I learned Col 3 in high school to get a discount on a church choir trip. I can't quote the whole thing, but parts of it are still in my memory. It is a huge blessing.
      I'm proud of you!
      Love you!

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