The Climb

The Climb

This picture was taken when W. was 5 years old. We were hiking at Acadia National Park in Maine and W was determined that she was going to make it to the top of the mountain. My DH and I took turns carrying Big D (who was almost two) on our backs in a carrier. Parts of the hike required climbing over rocks and going through tight spaces but W. was up to the challenge. Thinking it was too much for W’s little legs, we tried to persuade her to go back with no success. She reached her goal (the top), made it back down, and was rewarded with some bubblegum ice cream. It wasn’t the top that made this memory so special, it was the climb and W. getting there.

The past few years we have been climbing as we have moved, trained, and did lots of traveling. Now we are ready to go. Looking back, we see how much God has taught us, how much closer we are as a family and smile at the fun times we have had with family and friends. God has been working on us individually and as a family to get us ready. Tomorrow morning we leave for Central Asia but that is not necessarily the end. We will still be climbing as we adapt to a new culture, learn a new language and see how God will use us in this new place. We hope to remember it is in the climb that God makes us more like him and to be faithful to that.

Dear God, Thank you for the past three years. They have been hard in many ways. You have worked on the rough edges and stretched us. Thank you for your faithfulness as we would sometimes wander off the trail. Thank you for your strength and wisdom. Be with us as we continue to follow your leading. May we be faithful to all that you have for us. In Jesus name, Amen

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